Art Olympia 2015, International Open Art Competition

James P Kinsella, 'Hofbauergasse', 2013, 26.5cmx19.5cm, acrylic on canvas

James P Kinsella, ‘Hofbauergasse’, 2013, 26.5cmx19.5cm, acrylic on canvas.


Art olympia

Artist Statement:

My painting/screen print ‘Homing Instincts’ investigates the complex concept of home – the geographical and psychological space we occupy and consider as our space, where we belong and feel part of as in your home country, town or house! There are millions of people on the move in this world at any one time (220 million in 2013 – International organization for Migration), what do they have to do to feel at home in their new destination? The central position of Vienna within Europe guarantees a steady influx of migrants and makes one wonder how they negotiate their new home situation. How do we psychologically contemplate and perceive our new mental concepts of home, our identities and our new places of permanent residence? Nationality, identity, belongingness, homelessness, migration and immigration are a few terms that pop up – the tip of the ‘iceberg’ when you explore the concept of home. This painting/screen print exposes a possible processes of how we accumulate our feelings of belongingness or homeliness. I explore the fleeting images that I constantly and continuously perceive on a daily basis as I traverse my new city of Vienna, geopolitically positioned in the heart of EU and Europe. On my regular drives and travels throughout the city, I take snap shots of these fleeting images with my phone, that register in my consciousness and that I repeatedly see every day. I observe and paint from these images and I try to transfer my subconscious memories of these images, onto paper. The process of painting is one of the gateways to the subconscious and unconscious archive of our individual and collective memories. James P Kinsella 2015.

The below paintings/screen prints are part of this series.

James P Kinsella, 'Raxstraße, Wasserturm', 2013, 26.5cmx19.5cm, acrylic on canvas.

James P Kinsella, ‘Raxstraße, Wasserturm’, 2013, 26.5cmx19.5cm, acrylic on canvas.

James P Kinsella, 'Herschelgasse', 2013, 26.5cmx19.5cm, acrylic on canvas

James P Kinsella, ‘Herschelgasse’, 2013, 26.5cmx19.5cm, acrylic on canvas



About jamespkinsella

James P Kinsella is an award winning research based Visual Artist practicing in Vienna, Austria. In 2010 he received his M.A. in Visual Arts Practices from Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT), Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin. He won a first-round award and exhibition in 2017 and 2015 at ‘Art Olympia’, International open art Competition, Tokyo, Japan. He participated both in photo::vienna: werkschau 2014 and 2015, an annual juried retrospective of contemporary photography in Austria at the MAK, Vienna. He participated and received a bursary/grant award at the 1st International Artist Initiatives Istanbul Meeting 2009, a parallel event of the 11th International Istanbul Biennial, where he presented an intervention called ‘’Cafe Idea’’. Since the early 2000’s he has exhibited extensively in Ireland and group shows.