Art Olympia 2017, International Open Art Competition

‘Heavens Gate’ is an award wining work that was exhibited at Toshima Centre Square, City Government offices, Tokyo in 2017.

Art Olympia Competition
Heavens Gate

‘Heaven’s Gate’, is a study of an entry point to the inner city of Vienna, Austria. It references a fleeting visual experience that the artist experienced as he traversed Vienna the city he choose to migrate to in previous years.

Investigating the concept of home is an issue of importance that most migrants have to engage with. Familiarity could possibly be a ‘trait’ that contributes to that ‘feeling of home’ one experiences during the act of migration. Over two hundred million people are on the move to safer and more desirable destinations at any one time in an overburdened and changing world (Stats; International Organization for Migration).

James P Kinsella. 2017.

Below are other works in that series.

Home Sweet Home. Acrylic on Canvas. 100cm x 80cm. 2017

‘Spinning At The Crossroads’ Acrylic on Canvas. 100cm x 80cm. 2017