CV + Statement

James P Kinsella (b.1955 Waterford, Ireland) is an award winning, research based visual artist, living and working in Vienna, Austria.


Taking a lead from the US Abstract Expressionists of the 40s and 50s, my painting practice strives to investigate and facilitate a detachment from the artist’s intentions and expectations. I create art that allows the paint to reveal an unpredictable order, random patterns, and multiple processes that eventually emerge as unique imprints on the canvas.

Abstract Expressionism contributed to the opening up of creative activity in the mid-20th century, facilitating a new era of change and modernity. I employ a 21-st century re-tooled and updated form of Abstract Expressionism that gives me a language to address burning contemporary issues. These include the way society has edged away from self-reliant creativity since the Covid pandemic and over dependence on AI expertise.

James P Kinsella – 20.01. 2023

All work, paintings, images etc are subject to copy right.

Curriculum Vitae

James P Kinsella: Born 1955 – Waterford, Ireland. Lives – Vienna. Home Studio, 1230 Wien, Austria.

E-mail: jamespkinsella(at) /

Academic Qualifications

2010: MA in Visual Arts Practices. Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT), Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin.

2008:  B.A. (Hons) Visual Arts Practice, First Class Honours,   I.A.D.T. Dun Laoghaire. Thesis: Traditional Painting Will Never Die.

2004: Certificate in Visual Education,    I.A.D.T. Dun Laoghaire.

1994: M.A. qual. Anthropology, studied. University of Ireland, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Ireland.

1979: B.A. Psychology, Geography & Economics. University of Dublin, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

Solo Exhibitions/Projects

2010-2011: ‘The Way That We Live’, Bookcubegallery (Ongoing as Socialmaterialbank project), Dublin.

2007: ‘Creative order’, Mill Theatre Gallery, (Jan – Feb), Dublin.

2006: ‘Big Bang’, Book Cube Gallery, (Jul – Sep), Dublin.

Visiting Lecturer and Socialmaterialbank Project.

2012: (Dec) Architecture and Social Art, Contemporary Architecture 11 – Architecture Transdisciplinary. Project – The, Architektur- und Kunstgeschichte, TU Wien.

Selected Group Exhibitions/Projects

2023: Transform-Arte 2023, OLD PÄDAK, 7000 Eisenstadt, Austria. 8-9-2023 to 10-9-2023.

2023: Lacuna Festivals, Metamorphosis. Casa de la Cultura in Yaiza, Lanzarote, Spain. 1.7.23 to 29.7.2023.

2019: Building my home studio and concentrating on panting.

2017: Art Olympia, Tokyo, Japan (June).   

2017: Write-now, Vienna. Public poetry reading, Subconscious Love; (Mar).

2017: Write-now, Vienna. Public poetry reading, poem on migration; ‘Vienna far from the Sea’ (Jan).

2016: Bild Buchpräsentation, Architektur Transdisziplinär Band 2, M Dittrich &A Rieger-Jandl; Chapter 5; Architektur un Social Art by JP Kinsella. Architektur- und Kunstgeschichte, TU Wien. (Chapter on Architecture and Social Art)

2016: Wir sind Wien. Readings on migration by migrants to Vienna. Ankerbrotfabrik, Art Centre, Absberggasse 35, Wien (June).

2016: Write-now, Vienna. Public reading, poem on homeland. ‘The Crash’ (Ireland 2008). (March).

2015: photo::vienna: werkschau. A retrospective of contemporary photography from Austria (Oct). MAK-Ausstellungshallle, Wien.

2015: Art Olympia, Tokyo, Japan (June).                

2015: SchöpfWerk Fest: The Socialmaterialbank project (June), Am SchöpfWerk, 1230 Wien.

2015: Pop Up Gallery, Incandescentartists & Art Pie, London, UK.

2015: Open studio, studiodasweissehaus. Socialmaterialbank project (21st Mar).

2014: ‘das weisse WINTER haus’, Studiodasweissehaus.  Open studio and Socialmaterialbank project (Dec). 

2014: photo::vienna: werkschau. First retrospective for contemporary photography from Austria (Nov). MAK-Ausstellungshallle, Wien.

2014: ‘OPEN STUDIO DAY’, Studio das weisse haus. Open studio and Socialmaterialbank project (Oct).

2014: Kreativen Plattform: Creative Brunch: Presentation and Socialmaterialbank participatory project (Oct). 1050 Wien.

2014: SchöpfWerk Fest: The Socialmaterialbank project (June), Am SchöpfWerk, 1230 Wien.

2014: Studio das weisse haus. Open Studio and Socialmaterialbank participatory project (Feb).

2013: Studio das weisse haus, Exhibition & X-Party, Socialmaterialbank participatory project and paintings.

2013: Studio das weisse haus, Open Studio and Socialmaterialbank project.

2013: SchöpfWerkFest: The Socialmaterialbank Project, Am Schöpfwerk, 1230 Wien.

2012: Pflanzentauschmarkt, The Socialmaterialbank Project,, Stadtteilzentrum Bassena, Am Schöpfwerk 29/14, Wien.

2011: The green-Door Leitrim Weekend, at The Dock Art Centre, Carrick-On-Shannon and The Leitrim Sculpture Centre, (9th – 11th September.

2010: “IS…IT? An off-site project, The Model, at The Trades Club, Sligo.

2009: 11th International Istanbul Biennial – parallel event, 1st International Artist     Initiatives Istanbul Meeting, (Oct). Title of Intervention; ‘Café Idea’.

2009: Public Gesture: The Lab, Dublin. (June).                                     

2008: Sculpture in Context 2008, National Botanic Gardens, Dublin, Invited Guest, (Oct).

2006: RDS Student Art Awards – RDS Concert Hall, Dublin, Ireland. 14to18.8.2006.

2006: Island Arts Centre, (RDS awards), Lisburn, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland. 6to30.9.2006.

2006: Main Guard Gallery, (RDS Awards), Clonmel, Co Tipperary, Ireland.16.10 to21.11.2006.

Catalogue/ Publication/General

Publication: Architektur Transdisziplinär, Band 2; Article/Lecture Ch.5,                        Architektur un Social Art, IVA Verlag, Wien, 2016.   

Publication: Section in book Book. 11th International Istanbul Biennial – parallel event, 1st International Artist Initiatives Istanbul Meeting, (Oct). 2009.

Shortlisted: 2015 Theatrum Mundi: 2015 Designing the urban commons: re-imagining spaces in London as places for collaboration, sharing and collective ownership. A competition inspired by the right to the commons.

Shortlisted: 2014 IDEA CAMP European Cultural Foundation.

Shortlisted: 2010. Art of Giving, National Art Competition (UK), Sculpture.

Graduate Review: Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times, p16, 18-6-2008.

Graduate Exhibition publication: 2004, The School of Creative Arts.

Founder: Bookcubegallery 2006-2011, Bookcubegallery, Dublin.

Rathmines Bookshop: Setup and ran (Second-hand books) from 1988-2011.


2017: Art Olympia 2017, Tokyo, Japan, First-round winner, award $500 & exhibition of work in Tokyo.

2015: Art Olympia 2015, Tokyo, Japan. First-round winner, award $500 & exhibition of work in Tokyo.

2011: The Green-Door Leitrim weekend: Grant award.

2009: 11th International Istanbul Biennial: Bursary/Grant award.