2023 Painting

                             Statement 2023

Taking my lead from the US Abstract Expressionists of the 40s and 50s, my painting explores the possibilities of using paint and colour to remove barriers placed on contemporary creativity by Social/State institutions, AI and digital art. 

Abstract Expressionism contributed to the opening up of creative activity in the mid-20th century, facilitating a new era of change and modernity. I employ a 21-st century re-tooled and updated form of Abstract Expressionism that gives me a language to address burning contemporary issues, such as the way society has edged away from self-reliant creativity since the Covid pandemic and AI developments. 

James P Kinsella – 20.01. 2023

‘Eternal Sky’
‘Unite Nations of The World’
‘The Stag At Eve Could Not Drink His Fill’
‘Colourful Traveller’