Abstract Painting 2023

Statement 2023

Taking a lead from the US Abstract Expressionists of the 40s and 50s, my painting facilitates a detachment from intentions and expectations. I strive to create art that allows the paint to reveal an unpredictable order, random patterns, and multiple processes that eventually emerge as unique imprints on the canvas.

Abstract Expressionism contributed to the opening up of creative activity in the mid-20th century, facilitating a new era of change and modernity. I employ a 21-st century re-tooled and updated form of Abstract Expressionism that gives me a language to address burning contemporary issues. These include the way society has edged away from self-reliant creativity since the Covid pandemic and over dependence on AI expertise. 

James P Kinsella – 20.01. 2023

‘Untitled 1’, Acrylic on canvas, 160cm 200cm. 2023.
‘Untitled’ 2, Acrylic on canvas, 200cm X 160cm. 2023.
‘Untitled 3’,Acrylic on canvas, 145cm X 95cm. 2023.
‘Untitled 4’, Acrylic on canvas, 90cm X 110cm, 2023.
‘Untitled 5’, Acrylic on canvas, 90cm X 110cm. 2023.
‘Untitled 6’, Acrylic on canvas,160cm X 200cm. 2023

‘Untitled 7’, 60cm X 80cm, Acrylic on Canvas, 2023.

‘Teal on Red 1’, Acrylic on stretched canvas, 2023.
‘Untitled 15’, Acrylic on canvas, 70cm X 90cm, 2023.
‘Untitled 16’, Acrylic on canvas, 70cm X 90cm, 2023.
‘Teal On Red 2’, Acrylic on canvas, 70cm X 90cm, 2023.
‘Red On Teal’ Acrylic on canvas, 70cm X 90cm, 2023.

‘Untitled 19’ Acrylic on canvas, 70cm X 90cm, 2023.
”Free To Explore Beyond Yourself”, Acrylic on canvas,70cm X 90cm, 2023.
‘Cubed 1’, Acrylic on Canvas sculpture, 2023.

About jamespkinsella

James P Kinsella is an award winning research based Visual Artist practicing in Vienna, Austria. In 2010 he received his M.A. in Visual Arts Practices from Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT), Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin. He won a first-round award and exhibition in 2017 and 2015 at ‘Art Olympia’, International open art Competition, Tokyo, Japan. He participated both in photo::vienna: werkschau 2014 and 2015, an annual juried retrospective of contemporary photography in Austria at the MAK, Vienna. He participated and received a bursary/grant award at the 1st International Artist Initiatives Istanbul Meeting 2009, a parallel event of the 11th International Istanbul Biennial, where he presented an intervention called ‘’Cafe Idea’’. Since the early 2000’s he has exhibited extensively in Ireland and Internationaly.in group shows.