New Painting 2020

Reumannplatz‘, Acrylic on canvas, 1m x 80cm, 2020.

My research based practice explores global issues including migration caused by the ‘sharply’ evolving anthropogenic interference, on planet Earth.

Therefore the concept of home and the feeling of homeliness, specifically in relation to migration and newfound ‘home experiences’ is becoming critical. As a result the numbers of displaced people whom cannot go back home, continuously increases due to the growing disasters.

Presently through painting I investigate my feelings of home as a migrant permanently living in Vienna. I document through photography, streets that give a sense of home in minute detail, hopefully exposing visual clues that may affect my perceptions. I then recreate these images through painting, uncovering hidden visions that could contribute to these feelings.

From there I continue that processes by deconstructing these paintings, intuitively obliterating the realistic image in the hope of identifying some mysterious unknown points of interest.

Then I re-construct the work abstractly by concentrating and referencing the original colours of the buildings in the hope that I may uncover deeper thoughts on our concept of home and how we form or arrive at that ‘feeling of home’.