Cubed; Austrian Marks of Memory.

‘Cubed: Austrian Marks of Memory’ 2008.

(Also – exhibited at Sculpture in Context 2008, National Botanic Gardens, Dublin, Invited Guest)                    

The social contexts in which architecture and art interact and marks made in the work place are the main focus of this project.The project began in 2007 and focuses on marks made on the inside of a barn in a farmyard in southern Austria. Some of the marks were made by four generations of a family and some were made by nature and the elements.The Barn itself  is not important in this work except that it houses the marks. The farm implements merely represent the position of the mark-making and hint at the reasons why these spaces were used. The first of the generational marks made in 1910,  involved putting the horses’ tackle not used since mechanical replacement, high up on the wall out of reach but not out of sight. These items were carefully arranged in an order to add to the aesthetic of the building and make the work enviroment more enjoyable.

 Medium: Acrylic & Ink on Canvas, Bolts, and white coated MDF Board.

Sculpture/Cube, 8ftx8ftx8ft. (240cmx240cmx240cm) 2008.

Cubed a

View of the outside of the ‘Cubed’ painting.

Sculpture in context 08, National Botanic Gardens.

School tour visiting painting at Sculpture in Context 2008.



Cubed 10 a               Cubed 9 a                Cubed 8 a

Cubed 7 a              Cubed 6 a               Cubed 5 a

Cubed 4 a            Cubed 3 a                Cubed 2 a

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